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Whats your life like in your early 20s or late teens? What do you do for fun? How many friends do you have? What do you do for work? Hows your sex life? Im a 23 year old dude and life has been rough bro. I have literally no more friends after having some throughout life and can't get laid. Haven't for a long time. Only 3 bodies as well, sucks. Can't help but dread the fact that my early 20s are going to waste. I had a gf I had right out of high school. Life was crazy back then for a couple of years, trips everywhere with her, working in the city setting up lighting for commercial and TV sets, some parties, music festivals and concerts, firefighting, did some Muay Thai, hanging out with a few friends and tons of weed and psychedelics. It was a blast. I didn't want to go to community college so I am now trying to get school prioritized. After a couple years we were on and off but I haven't gotten any since her. I was picky and denied some, didn't have a car or money with some more, and then even more than anything denied the most. I don't let that get me down though since I did pull some but I just was uninterested or didn't have a car. I have gone A YEAR AND 5 MONTHS with no sex and lost all my friends. It's been almost two years like this. Just working minimum wage jobs and smoking and drinking my free time away with directionless car rides for fun and video games and TV. I did have another friend I'd rarely go to bars with but I got kicked out of my house for smoking in the house and stealing my moms car. They kicked me out for a few days, then sent me to live in a hospital for 2 weeks and then I just ended 3 months in a rehab center where you do meetings 3 to 5 times a day and just stay at the house. Had two girls I could've done something with but I had no car or money. Hung out with a couple heads a few times there but there was nothing to do. This place was in NJ and Im form NY a town like 40 minutes outside of Manhattan. Now I'm stuck in a getting out of rehab house in some NJ hood thats rundown and I know no one here. Gonna try to switch to another Oxford house, get a job and get my own place soon enough maybe I can meet some people along the way, been forever since I was at a party as well. Get my car back in two weeks as well. Can't even smoke anything but cigs. So no weed, sex, or friends forever. No weed more recently, my life suuuuucks.

Anyone have similar experiences? Any tips for me? Other than that whats your life like around this age?
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