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What's Your Favorite KiD CuDi Song?

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The Prayer.

Honorably Second:
The End.
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1.Cudi Zone
2.Sky Might Fall
3. Do It Alone/ Man On The Moon
Gotta be cudi zone. Much love for that track.
ThankGodImFresh said:
Scott Mescudi Vs. The World Feat. Cee-Lo Green
The Incredible Tony said:
The collab is just too good
ThankGodImFresh said:
The collab is just too good
haha, true I need to give it some time.
Trapped in my Mind

Honourable mention: Heaven at Nite
Man On the Moon (The Anthem) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Other than that^
1. Pursuit of Happiness
2. These Worries
3. Maniac
I don't know, but i can recite every song on MOTM 1, not hyyerr or in my dreams, and AKNC, not cudi get.
Working on memorising MOTM2, so my fave on MOTM 2 is MANIAC, MOTM 1 is Pursuit of Happiness (because Ratatat is in it) or Cudi Zone, AKNC would be The Prayer.
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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