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What's with the travis scott hate?

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Y'all were on his dick when DBR dropped. Bunch of sheep :work:
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people call him a biter even though he says he takes inspiration from kanye and cudi, which he makes sure to let everyone know so they don't get it twisted. artists try to imitate elements that make other artists unique and put their own spins on it, this isn't new. people are just mad as shit somebody they don't like is successful. logic bit GKMC almost song for song, and commercially he's more successful than travis because he has a decently acclaimed album out, sure he gets hate here too but nowhere near the scale of travis

they say his music is terrible but that's just their opinion, you can't say somebody's music is terrible because you don't like it because clearly he has fans, just that you don't like it

people also mention shane morris when literally nobody has confirmed it, just shane claiming it because he's pissed travis left his ass when he was signed to epic and GOOD. they also like to toss around the thing about the guy on stage even though he apologized, it was a heat of the moment thing and everyone has done stupid when they're heated, don't pretend like you're fuckin gandhi

every artist on here gets hate, every single one, just travis gets more than normal 
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61 - 64 of 64 Posts
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