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What's with the travis scott hate?

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Y'all were on his dick when DBR dropped. Bunch of sheep :work:
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Yes differing opinions from your own is hate :oblivious:

He makes trash music that is overrated by his stanbase of 15 year old perrenial losers like himself.
wavey said:
"Cole World" :drakelaff:
You stan a downs syndrome having rapper :clap:

Don't quote me again loser
wavey said:
Brb going to listen to audio nyquil cole. I been tired lately
brb gonna post a joke from 2011 because I'm an inbred twat that's stuck in the past.

You are really mad as shit for bringing up my username :hah:
Pharokh said:
u legit mad as shit
says the guy reporting posts on forums :clap:
wavey said:
made a thread wondering why no one likes his favorite artist :prince:
damn you cole stans stoop so low that you're hating in Down syndrome like it's a joke smfh
Once got arrested for sucking d lol jk no ****
Taxi said:
ur the most mad poster on this site u always angry af calm down my dude it aint that serious
thx for following my posts while I have no clue who you are :clap:
dont :what: me and act like you don't know wtf im talking about. Stop being a little bitch and own up

And also stop making 10 threads a day :keefnah:
you sound delusional as shit.

I havent made a thread in 4 months :hah:
Taxi said:
u have 99k posts its not hard to notice a recurring theme of anger throughout this section
you seem to not know what anger is.

Get help please
Taxi said:
lmao w/e stay in denial
says the guy making delusional statements :what:

Don't project your life onto me through shit posts.
1 - 13 of 64 Posts
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