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What's with the travis scott hate?

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Y'all were on his dick when DBR dropped. Bunch of sheep :work:
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nicholas said:
Liking his music isn't the same as liking him
There's plenty of hate on his music
Cole World said:
Yes differing opinions from your own is hate :oblivious:

He makes trash music that is overrated by his stanbase of 15 year old perrenial losers like himself.
"Cole World" :drakelaff:
Cole World said:
You stan a downs syndrome having rapper :clap:

Don't quote me again loser
Brb going to listen to audio nyquil cole. I been tired lately
Cole World said:
brb gonna post a joke from 2011 because I'm an inbred twat that's stuck in the past.

You are really mad as shit for bringing up my username :hah:
I'm not joking. I actually listen to coal every night before bed time. His music puts me right out. Sometimes I play his music to my newborn child when he won't stop crying at night.
Glock Lesnar said:
Calling people inbred twats but he's mad :prince:
fr :hah:
1 - 6 of 64 Posts
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