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Welcome to WOYM​
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We've always said things we didn't mean but now we say them more and more
So when I say to you I'm getting bored like I was before
There's nothing wrong with us you're just self absorbed
It was in your shadow but they don't know
Might retire this account at 43k. :cryfam:
spacejunk said:
For atleast for now its all over :sonicshrug:
I need what you're smoking fam :rejoice:
spacejunk said:
Lets keep WOYM alive :datass:
I've probably posted like 2 or 3 times here but I'm ITT :khaled2:
RIP this thread

Knew some good people itt
Halo 2 said:
I could go for a McDonald's hashbrown
435561 - 435580 of 435648 Posts