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Went in the gucci store came out no bag and mad depressed
Lil Ugly Mane said:
there's a memorial thread for him somewhere
KillerWAVES said:
Why this ****** tees so short :hah:
cause kids sizes are cheaper and times are hard
Jetlius Randle said:
Got into 2 new rappers this week I'm happy about that
Eazy E said:

:laugh: oh wow somebody noticed lol

took a lil break off ktt to recollect my mind and whatnot lol I'm good now tho how u been?
Jetlius Randle said:
Playboi Carti and Bones
both dope

heard of Lucki Ecks?
Eazy E said:
I was wondering all day where the fuck is Creasy haven't seen him post for a minute was gonna PM you before I slept just to check up on the boy hope whatever happened is fixed now bruh :ohno: and glad you all good tho now :lilb:

always getting back on my feet you know how I do :denzel:
Eazy E said:
Man I'm too emotional fr fr whenever someone tells me Something they're going through I feel it directly like it's happening to me :jordancry:
you got a heart of gold that's valuable, god loves you
Jetlius Randle said:
I actually just checked him out earlier today and downloaded a song by him. Idk how I feel about him yet.
peep the Body High tape

he a teenage drug dealer that's conscious but at the same time not backed by crazy good production, his music sound like u on xanax without being on drugs which is gret he one of my fav new artist outchea rn but opinions vary so idk how u might feel, just know he hanging with Playboi Carti a lot
Eazy E said:
Thanks man, but fr it gets really bad sometimes lie whenever somethings not right I start to picture the worst case scenario and worry myself :floyd: like I was like oh shit is Creasy dead :ohno: and was stressing for a min at how if you were I'd never know, I know it's stupid :dead:

awwww this so sweet man :D ily fam <3 but I feel you, that's just overthinking, my mom is the same lol
Eazy E said:
Thanks man you the goat fr and a really dope person, pm me if you ever got shit you wanna talk about on your mind fam <3
same goes for you homie, everything :salute:

and I for sure will
1 - 20 of 435648 Posts