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Vegen stirfry, pulled pork sandwich, curly fries and clan chowder :lol:
Volleyball and soccer girls>>>

Soccer girls cute af and I'd pound these huge ass vball girls
fetti said:
:khaled: wonder how much u could make writing music reviews for like p4k and such
Likely not enough to pay your rent and eat
General Patch said:
Srs every volleyball girl has a fat ass
There's one that's like 6ft7 that I destroy :floyd:

She looking like something out of the Amazon

Death by snu snu :hhh:
Beautiful officially lost whatever little he had left
Halo 2 said:
why u soaked?
It's been raining all day and I had to walk across campus to help a friend out :mm:
All I want to do is sleep but I have a group project  >_>
Nujabes said:
I honestly dont remember anything from last night lol
I'm getting there at 5:30
So this season is about vampires? kinda sucks
I hate how most apartments don't allow dogs, but only cats

Not trynna live alone with a cat :(
Halo 2 said:
putting a dog in an apartment is mean
Why? The weather here isn't suitable for them to stay outside anyway
I just saw a picture of my little sister and wtf :(

Feeling old atm
I typically take things on a day by day bases and when major things catch up to me they really do
1 - 20 of 435648 Posts