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Pepsi said:
every guy i know who lost his virginity at 12/13 lost it to like a girl 16/17 or older. :vom: what do these women see in prepubescent little boys omg
I was ugly at 13
Pepsi said:
everyone was ugly until maybe 17 tbh
Well not the ones who got pussy
Pepsi said:
u can be hideous and still get laid tbh
Im not hideous and im talkim bout the little boys who got older pussy
KillerWAVES said:
What should I listen too :khaled:
Shiver by Coldplay
KillerWAVES said:
Gongo to sleep, I ended stumbling into an amazing video. Thank you very much tho
How can I listen to prince's classic album(s) for free? He ain't on youtube or spotify
Thomas said:
yall think I did alright for my first time designing a magazine cover? :ohno:
Damn this looks legit
envyes said:
i think all girls are pretty tbh. if she got a nice smile and a good body thats good enough for me tbh
Man you a jelly motherfucker
Lil Ugly Mane said:
if she likes me and doesnt act obnoxious
good enough for me
Man you a ugly manlet
1 - 20 of 435648 Posts