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need to get my fxking computer fr fuck my mom
Lil Ugly Mane said:
what happened man?
she just didn鈥檛 want to communicate with me, would rather just ralk about surface level things instead of getting into each others feelings about things. we just wanted different things out of our relationship 鈥 sucks cause i really loved her
Magnum Opus said:
[tt]It takes time. Did you ask her why she never felt compelled to do that?
For me, it takes a while for me to do that. Until I feel like its right, I try to do it. It鈥檚 just hard to open up to people because you expose yourself and don鈥檛 know where it could go.

idk.. I鈥檝e been dating her for six months.
We talked about cool stuff that stimulated my brain early in the relationship, it just kind of fell off.
Maybe it鈥檚 me, maybe it鈥檚 her. She told me she doesn鈥檛 know what feelings are, she doesn鈥檛 know what鈥檚 love is, I tried to change her to talk to me instead of just saying 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know鈥 all the time. I had to crack her into her feelings to talk to her, it was entirely one sided.. changing someone isn鈥檛 good. I wish her the best​
Magnum Opus said:
[tt] Oh ok. Looks like she is searching herself. Some people never truly ever get to experience that. I guess it鈥檚 for the best. Hope you find someone.
thanks for replying to me, makes me feel better​
LilBoogie99 said:
I definitely know he didn't mean it, but this dude I had tutoring me on some math stuff today mentioned my accent(I kinda have a mix of a Jamaican/Nigerian accent) and it brought horrible memories of being bullied for it.

Now I feel like breaking something or someone in two
did he disrespect u or just comment about it?
LilBoogie99 said:
Naw, he just commented about it. I knew he didn't mean anything by it, but it just brought back so many horrible memories I try avoid most of the time
he probably just liked your voice :)
i understand though, people can be assholes. i hope you鈥檙e doing okay now
grandma said 鈥 you need a girlfriend鈥
broke up with my gf yesterday 馃槥
Stance said:
It bugs me so much when people take things out of context and don't read between the lines. I get it that perception plays a key role in how people react to things. We perceive people and situations a certain way based on past experiences, but it's not that hard to have an open mind and consider things from other angles.
you would think.. but some people are just so ignorant.. it鈥檚 sad but it鈥檚 true. I thought it was just common sense.
Stance said:
The Internet makes it people lazier and lazier to think. They'll read the title of an article and think they know everything about a topic, not realizing that headlines are specifically titled as such for clicks. Sometimes media outlets deliberately mislead people with their titles just to make a story appear more interesting.
people are also afraid to be alone in their own mind. they would rather browse through Instagram and just numb the thoughts in their brain through the dopamine through the phone instead of thinking. it鈥檚 just the times. easy dopamine :)
met a new friend today he moved here from California he鈥檚 a super super senior Cause聽 he had family issues and always moved around a lot so now he lives up here with his sister
i dislike it when people call me weird cause that鈥檚 just who I am idk what the fuck I鈥檓 doing that鈥檚 weird im just speaking my mind
ready for this new semester to start so I can meet some new people. ready to go to college I guess, except all my friends are leaving and going to universities while I鈥檓 staying home and going to community college. ready to find love again. ready to be new.
I fucking tired of playing these games bitch
Fucking Hit me up to chill bitch
I fucking tired of seeing your Snapchat selfies with no text bitch
Get Cut Off Bitch
Yo best friend said you like me but I don鈥檛 feel it in your presence... bitch
U confusing. It鈥檚 easier for me to just stop responding to you. Hmu when you actually tryna chill. Bitch
been looking at a screen the past two days
breakups r weird
where r my friends man
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