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Need beat Saints Row IV so I can move to Gat out of Hell.
The menstrual cycle has ended!!! :rejoice:
Right on time before school starts :rejoice:
I'm continuously growing my hair and getting it braided, yet I'm so fucking tender headed. :floyd:
st1cky said:
i've been going through the same shit
Don't ever give in to the pain fam!
This fat Snorlax ass ***** sitting in front of me in CIT class. :floyd: This ***** got his laptop cord stretching all through the isle, then this ***** flopping his body around/stretching all crazy like a goddamn Walrus or some shit. Buddy had me lowkey fuming when his arm touched mine. :belt:

This ain't yoga class homie! :koolaid:
Why do people continuously fuck with co-workers on a sexual level, or even on a drama level? Barely ever works out. :floyd:
My English Prof said the N-word with the HARD R at the end, today in class. :oh2:
But, he was just reading the passage we have to read over the weekend, so its all good.
No class on Fridays is gonna be so extra GOAT, if this weekend is any indication. :rejoice:
All these supposed rich mfs working the same bum college job as my broke as ass. :floyd: I don't understand it.
The fucks up with these dudes trying to be all "macho manly" @ work, when the chicks their trying to impress talk shit about them when they're not around? :lilb:

Like bruh! You just pulled a fried chicken out the deep fryer with your hands, you're the fucking man dude! You the man. :jordanlaff:
Fuck a carpal tunnel syndrome! We still gaming, we still rolling through I.T with these numb ass hands, fighting through all these joint pains.

My girl mad af that I won't go to the doctor til after my 4yrs of school. :kanyeshrug: Don't need no doctor's bad news fucking with my cocentration. :kanyeshrug:
When you're at working listening to your female co-workers dog out their male co-workers, and you're like  :kermit:
A pair of glasses said:
i use to wear a hand brace cause i gamed so bad
Did it ever heal up on its own or did you get surgery? Mines been on and off acting up since 2013, with the worst pain being in 2013, but the more consistent pain being these past few weeks.
Through all the ups and downs that went on today, the most important thing is... My girl started her menstrual cycle :rejoice: We had a little scare late last month with the glove, and we kept going. :dash: Praise be to the bloody vagina! :banderas:
Not getting paid in time for Valentines Day, but you already got your gifts and even gave her an early one. :rejoice: Fuck my school for trying to keep a ***** down!
Yung Fgt said:
how does ur school come into the situation ?
I work on campus, and I asked my boss today "where them checks?, I worked 2 weeks already" and she was like "next week." :jordanok: One of my co-workers said they told her last week, it would be this week, and now its next week. :floyd:
Yung Fgt said:
Was there ever a set pay period when you started working there ?
Yeah, there's a paper my boss has posted to show the pay weeks, but that one says our pay should be tomorrow. We usually get a email the Friday before the payday (which is Tuesday). I wonder if the Financial Aide screw up has anything to with it. :khaled: They had the bookstore going nuts, cause student's vouchers were being declined.
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