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Halo 2 said:
Thread is fresh af
when u have a better OP post on your laptop :rejoice:
Zebra gonna come in n complain that ogs didnt get first page tbh
wanderlus-t said:
why was the old one locked tho
cus new one
I have sectionals today :floyd:
This study man
Wanna go home rn
wanderlus-t said:
dont make me drop a bird on ya
bird is the word
mermarroqu said:
why have they not made a tony hawk game with like 30 players online? :khaled:

I feel like that would be fun as fuck
Pro Skater 3 with 30 people :hhh:
ote author=mermarroqu link=topic=4044058.msg264579778#msg264579778 date=1446132230]


oฬฬ‰ฬŠฬ’ฬ’อ†อฉอกอœอžอ‡ฬ˜อ‰ฬŸkอƒฬ‡ฬ‚ฬอจฬŒอฎฬƒอŸอŸฬ อˆฬผ ฬ€ฬถฬขอ–ฬปอ–อ”ฬฃอ–ฬปtองฬ’องอญอซอฬธฬžฬฏฬนฬซฬผอˆhอชอฅฬŠฬˆฬอญอƒฬถฬปฬคฬ–อ“ฬปฬคiอ‚ฬˆอ›ฬ‰อ ฬฒsฬฬ„ฬอชอชอซฬพฬตฬธฬงฬญฬ–ฬฆฬฅฬฌอš องอ†ออžฬฏฬณฬ˜ฬฑฬœฬฎอˆrฬฝฬŒอฌอ„ฬฬฟอ—ฬธฬจอ–อฬฬ™ฬฒอ‰ฬeอ„อ‚ฬอžฬตฬŸอ‡อ‡ฬบฬ–ฬฑฬนฬ aฬ†อ—ฬƒฬอœฬธฬฏฬ˜อ–อ‡อ‡lฬŠอŒอชฬผฬฃฬชฬ– อซอƒฬŒอƒอ ฬ–ฬซฬฐฬŸอ•อ”ฬฒhอฉอซฬ–ฬฌอ–ฬฒฬ—aอฉอญอฏฬŽอ‹ฬƒอฉฬ†อŸอ ฬฉฬ˜rอฉอชฬ†อƒอœอ€อ€ฬžฬญฬฅอˆฬฉอ–อ‰อŽฬdอฆฬฝฬพฬทฬจออ™ฬปฬญฬฉอšฬฆฬ–
kim said:
Modder gave me like 100m on GTAV as soon as I joined lobby. :jordanlaff:

Going to get banned now. :clap:
what system
Mittens said:
Invest it, I'm 18 and a full time student but I already contributed a little over $5000 (nearing the maximum) on my Roth IRA.
You're only 18? :psyboom:
Mittens said:
How old did you think I was? :parrot:
Over 20
revolver ocelot said:
What did uno do
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