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Welcome to WOYM​
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Halo 2 said:
im only on the first I gotta catch up!
Haven't had a coffee in like 2 weeks
Someone quote me so this thread is in my notification
Mittens said:
I have an easier time finding those than the Strawberry. I prefer the vanilla ones a lot more anyways tho
that sounds hard I'm gonna look for vanilla today
mermarroqu said:
I cant even say I fell off in life cause that would imply that I was on at one point
Nardwuar interviews bring me pleasure.
Halo 2 said:
that chick is too bone looking
Ready to bone
ricardocastilleja said:
Had to lip sync and dance to a glee song for speech :meek:
One time I had to do a play for history, this girl in my group wrote a shitty script but she did all the work so I was fine with it :hah:
Everyone at the grocery store because of the patriots
mermarroqu said:
only thing on my mind is food and shitposting :rejoice:
mermarroqu said:
I would link that gif of the girls legs snapping on a machine

but its just too brutal
Did you see the one where abella Anderson is riding that guys dick and it bends in half
WuzHere said:
i dont think that was abella anderson
it was
1 - 20 of 435648 Posts