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I'm really looking forward to jojo and smash this year.
And smoking a shitton of hasj and weed.
Don't really care about anything else for the rest of this year tbh.
Also gonna see brockhampton and deathgrips live.
Dont really fuck with brockhampton anymore tho
Supposed to meet up with a girl tomorrow. Forgot I had fines to pay so money is tight at the moment and I rather spend my money on drugs than on her so imma cancel.
I might have a problem
brr b said:
or when they fat as hell talking bout "i love getting choked" like bitch dont you mean you love getting your chin gripped? :cosby: imma needa hug that shit for you to get lightheaded
fuck november and october I just wanna play smash
Rolling marijuana that's a cheap vacation
Buryly said:
Me and my friends were hanging around college today and all of a sudden this one dude I knew from few years comes around. So we were chatting and shit until he decided to try 鈥渆xposing鈥 me for doing some petty shit back from my freshman year in high school. Some of this shit was also made up, which really grinds my gears.

Like why tf did that guy try to do this? Seriously thought he changed over the years but nope same old annoying person聽 :floyd:
Says more about him than you, best revenge is not thinking about this goofy at all
I should really stop being an asshole to kids
Thanksgiving not a thing in europe, I've never eaten turkey, might cop some just to try it out.
I'm native so I probably wouldn't celebrate even if I lived in america lmao
I really don't give a shit about most things. But I really care about music and a fear I have is that one day my whole spotify gets deleted. Gonna start my vinyl collection next week, very excited.
Either gonna start with mbdtf or hob
I actually liked the yt rewind, dont get the hate
Gonna meet with an old classmate who gave me head one time, it's in her dads house and I'm not sure if he's gonna be there, awkward
Havent done shit here since i started this job
1 - 20 of 435648 Posts