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Fuck missed first page on this but still in
I remember sneaking food outside of a buffet and the cashier lost her shit.
"Don't come back. You scam. You scam."
lmaoooo taking her job way too serious
Wtf is this tutor need him to help me on my assignment before class
They lost me as a customer tbh.
that's scust 3bh,  she should've just told you politely
why are porn ads always morality than the actual vid you seeing? :khaled:
Our visitor is so cringe,  can't wait for her to leave 😩😩
Pepsi said:
Can't rlly tell anyone anything BC everyone has that one friend that's their friend who they can tell everything to
.. But since everyone has that one friend everyone knows
school is fucking stressing me the fuck out
this shit robbing me of my free time and lowkey depressing
Pepsi said:
if s/he plays league of legends, they're not the one
KillerWAVES said:
Where Bae at
dunno :dno: i am Baeless atm
Pepsi said:
july babies are cancers.

i think im close to the thing or w/e where u fall between 2 different signs so i might be a gemini. woo astrology
date? am a gemini
KillerWAVES said:
Same, not even looking for her tho
lowkey enjoying the single life but its boring sometimes
KillerWAVES said:
Would you sit in a empty room for 1 hour with 10 rats for 10 million?
you kidding me? i will get accustomed to those rats and know them by name in no  time
KillerWAVES said:
This, like I wanna go out and do things,m
yup its cool af till you wanna sleep at night :jordancry:
Naughty said:
NY jokes gettin a little over-saturated
1 - 20 of 435648 Posts