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Gotta call a lawyer. I know he's there to help me, but deep down I really don't trust the dude. Just something about him.
All I did was get high and eat brown sugar cinnamon poptarts
Lil Ugly Mane said:
don would turn everyone itt gay :dash:
Implying some weren't already :mhmm:
Bolo Yeung said:
Sometimes I'm not sure if my hair is growing.

We out here :hi5:

I do need to find out how to make my hair less nappy if possible. My shit stays locked in a set style no matter what I do
Nujabes said:
Nobody itt fucking with me in Smash 4 and thats on dogs
Oh word?
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Pepsi said:
i lowkey play OP characters like samus/ike/marth/captain falcon/lil mac but i hate when dudes try to use that to say thats why im good :what: "oh ur characters are op anyways" like if u were as good as u thought u were it shouldnt matter if theyre op lol
Samus and Lil Mac ain't OP :jordanlaff:

Those dude you going against are just trash :hah:
Nujabes said:
Want the hands?
Maybe once I finally decide to hook my Wii U to my school's wi-fi. Hoping it got better than last year :floyd:
Halo 2 said:
lil Mac can do work
Only on those omega stages anything else and that's when his trashness shows. Really Samus, Link, and Lucas are great counters against Little Mac because they have those long range grabs. If you use one of them on an omega stage against Little Mac very high chance you will win. Just keep throwing him up in the air and you got it

Pepsi said:
they're not OP but they're easy characters to win with for newbies.

nah they're pretty good. im just pretty good too :mm:
When people try sneaking up on you with that Mac KO special but you got a character with a strong counter :he:
Nujabes said:
:lol: I need to hook my shit up too tbh ive been playing on 3DS because im too lazy to plug it up
I still got the codes for Roy, Ryu, and Lucas in my e-mail I just never got around to adding them on my 3DS. I don't even know the last time I updated it tbh. Been too busy playing through Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest 9 again
Nujabes said:
Lil Mac trash lmao. I remember when Smash 4 came out and people though he was a threat :jordanlaff:
Halo 2 said:
yo Fam all I do is jump foh with that memorization Shit
You ain't with them counter shits bruh bruh?
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Nujabes said:
Bought DQ9 months ago but never touched it :(
Yoooo get on that it's so good :hhh:

Really a lot of the fun I got out of it was creating characters based off my friends and just playing through it. Unfortunately since DS games lost their wi-fi stuff you can't play through the game online with your friends.

But forreal it's that classic JRPG shit that I grew up on so that's why I love it. Perfect for pick up and play whenever even if you leave it for a few weeks.
Pepsi said:
lil mac puts in work :what: yall brazy
Lil Mac got no aerial game and has easily readable moves tho. Only thing he really got going for him is that super armor shit he has for some of his smash attacks
Pepsi said:
yoshi is garbage
Nah man don't play with Yoshi. This dude at my school mains Yoshi and every tournament he's damn near unstoppable. You see the moves coming, but Yoshi's priority is just too damn good :floyd:
Pepsi said:
i refuse to beelee dat
Lemme record myself getting demolished by this man and you will see
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