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Gbluecheez said:
I feel like there's lava in my asshole
Halo 2 said:
I bought his documentary on blu ray day one shit was trash I didn't even watch it
watch its very good
i dont like kendrick like that but buried alive interlude :obamahhh:
some bitch callin sayin i stole her phone :jordanlaff:
Halo 2 said:
the day I start this T break I'm going to become an alcoholic xD
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Halo 2 said:
pic of me before I ever drank or did drugs :3
Jetlius Randle said:
I literally fell off a table when Know Yourself played at the bar yesterday :cryhah:
Jetlius Randle said:
Man I was so turnt yesterday. Drunk as fuck and the DJ was playing a bunch of Drake and Travi$ Scott and shit man I was going hard as fuck. I just picked up my shirt that I threw on the ground when I got home hammered and that shit was fucking drenched in sweat.
Gbluecheez said:
Still need to listen to slime szn
do it
again :hhh:
1 - 20 of 435648 Posts