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Google searched russian cougars and forgot what the internet like for a minute :jordanlaff:
I've gone so long without compassion 😭
I don't even believe in anything anymore
If Hotline Bing and Right Hand are on VFT6, Drake can keep that shit :keefnah:
Lil Ugly Mane said:
what if ktt goes away one day :jordancry:
maybe ****** will go outside :oh:
ISIS be like

"Got my ****** in Paris
And they going guerrillas, huh!"
mermarroqu said:
u gonna catch some flak for this
still waiting on that flak
When u have work to do and tell urself you'll do it later until it's 10pm then u tell urself to get up early to do it, knowing damn well how hard it is to get up in the morning
TanookiTopher said:
My ex has been liking the pics I've been posting on IG recently, especially now that she and her boyfriend split up.

Not sure if it's a subtle cue to hit her up. :khaled:
I want to hit it again.
Women :drakelaff:

it is a subtle cue, btw
TanookiTopher said:
They're confusing as shit.
and woat

as are all people
TanookiTopher said:
The thing is that last time I heard, she despised me. :hah:
So idek.
I've gotten more pussy from women that hated me than were friendly to me :kermit:
Not enough ppl comment on the fact that The Weeknd's voice is eerily similar to Michael Jackson's :khaled:
ricardocastilleja said:
i really don't know how I'm gonna pay for college and I'm already a junior
:ohno: :ohno: :ohno: :ohno:
Getting a fucking job
Dirty Diana arguably the realest song oat
General Patch said:
What do you guys like more?

Personally leaning towards the red and white stripes rn but what do you guys think :khaled:
The first if u have a nice face and body
Otherwise the second
Mawyle said:
easily the weakest tbh

not saying it was trash though

ending made me cry regardless

2 > 1 > 3
Fucking hated Toy Story until I turned 15 and was able to appreciate how accurately they portrayed people feeling out of place :jordancry:
The only thought that kept me away from suicide was the fear that my fate would be watching the affect it would have on the ppl that care about me

Fuck that "it gets better / the world isn't all bad" bs
mermarroqu said:
Zoolander 2 is either gonna be goat or woat

No inbetween
Doubting Ben :what:
Thomas said:
secret life of Walter Mitty
Was not a comedy :kermit:
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