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What WTT track has you most hyped? (Poll Added)

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Out of every one on the track list, which one you most hyped to hear?

Poll added, left out H.A.M, The Joy, Thats My Bitch and Otis
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Why I Love You. Dat beat :allears:

Oh, and Living So Italian, of course :slick:
Why I Love You. I love the sample.
YeezItalia said:
Why I Love You. Dat beat :allears:
Murder to Excellence
No Church
Living So Italian

...i have a gut feeling Murder to Excellence is gonna be a standout joint
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isaiahmerriweather said:
Illest Motherfucker cause of Russel Crowe :slick:
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
1 - 20 of 59 Posts
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