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Hi there, Futura Extra Bold or Extra Black would give you letters very similar to those (it isn't Futura, though - the Ms are different).

Having just the As and Rs filled in is such an odd combination, I think they were created manually (or built into a custom font).

From there, the letters were all laid out as individual pieces of art. You can see very inconstant sizes and angles.

It would be a great project to try to duplicate the look of.

Here's Futura Extra Bold for $20 http://www.ascenderfonts.com/font/futura…

I thought I could find something free and similar, but didn't have much luck getting the combination of clean, single weight, round and bold. The best I found was Josef Pro Ultra in this free font family http://www.dafont.com/font.php?file=jose…

You could also play around with Arial Black - it won't be as round, but it will probably give you a similar feel.

yahoo answers ftw maybe?
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