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What other records are you anticipating?

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It's safe to say that WTT is my most anticipated record of the year, but I am definitely stoked for a few other records coming out: J. Cole, Big Boi, Mastodon, Common, Queens of the Stone Age (if it is actually coming out) and Circle Takes the Square.

What about you guys?
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Phonte, Cole, Krit, Eric Roberson...i think thats all i care about comin out this year after WTT...

edit: Take Care, Thursday(If the weeknd quits bullshittin) and if Frank Ocean Drops anything new
Take Care (don't slaughter me), and 2 Be Continuum (cudi's rock project)
None actually. Possibly J. Cole but there's no hype there.
the only other album I'm actually anticipating is Cole World

I'll be buying Take Care and The Dreamer, The Believer (whenever it comes out) though

I really enjoy Dreams Money Can Buy (on album or not) Marvin's Room and Headlines
Take Care, Loso's Way 2, TM 103, Cole World to a lesser extent

just kanye the quality is in a different dimension
I'm looking forward to Nas and Lupe's new album but I doubt either will come out this year
for this year its common's album j. coles album and i think i'm slowly turning into a drake fan so i might get take care
moneyman232 said:
Take Care, Thursday(If the weeknd quits bullshittin) and if Frank Ocean Drops anything new
C4, Take Care, Sideline Story and a couple more.
J. Cole - Cole World: Sideline Story
Common - The Dreamer, The Believer
The Roots - Undun
Nas - Life Is Good
Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor 2 (unlikely to be out this year though)

RHCP THIS MONTH! also j cole and if they come out- qotsa, coldplay, lupe. and anything cudi related.. havent been following it too much lately, but wasnt kanye sposed to come out with a solo this year too?
Take Care, tbh. But I'll leave that for later. :work:
Lupe (unlikely)
Dre :oblivious:
Maybe Cole, but im not huge fan
and Coldplay
Common, Nas, Cole, Drake, Krit, The Roots, Talib(sorta), and Lupe/Andre/Big Boi if any of those come out this year
Cole World, Take Care, Loso's Way 2, Doomstarks, Careless World, WTT, Radioactive, Live From The Underground, Blood Sweat and Tears.
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