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Still need to see Social Network, Exit Through The Giftshop, and Animal Kingdom.

I'm really looking forward to The Green Hornet

True Grit, Black Swan, Blue Valentine, A Dangerous Method, Your Highness, Horrible Bosses, Thor, Faster (I loved The Rundown, I wish he would stick to action), The Company Men (big fan of Affleck and Tommy Lee Jones), The Adjustment Bureau looks really interesting, I'm With Cancer/Live With It/Whatever they're calling it now

Also Morning Glory really intrigues me, it sounds like a terrible movie when you describe it but you have a cast of McAdams and Ford (although he hasn't made anything good in the past decade), and Abrams producing so maybe it won't suck.

Seeing 127 Hours this week

Of course I'm most excited for Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son  :problem?:
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