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What KTT fails to realize

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We are verrrry arrogant when it comes to music. Especially Ye's music. This became VERY apparent with the THERAFLU release. Its a dope song. But people on here are over analyzing and saying it doesn't compare to College Dropout/LR/MBDTF songs. Are you serious?! Take it for what it is folks. Not every song has to be a mindblowing orchestration. THERAFLU and MERCY will be the soundtrack to my weekend. I'll be having fun with these while (some of) you guys spend more time analyzing than just being fans and enjoying the music. Peace!
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Nah, I think we all agree that TheraFlu is a dope song and we've really never seen Ye do this pissed off rap swag, pretty sick.

People are complaining and worried about if it's really the first single for his next LP, because honestly, it really isn't first single material or even album material. Not saying it's a bad song, thats just the way Ye works.
mg248 said:
THERAFLU and MERCY will be the soundtrack to my weekend.
This. exactly.
If it's a bonus track like H.A.M was then it's fine it's a dope club/radio song just not album material.
real talks, i hate when people always be comparing shit.
Speak for these other ****. I think it's dope. :sarc2:
OP speaks the truth. Some people just need to start enjoying the music rather than focussing on everything negative.

Yeah, maybe it's not on MBDTF level but Theraflu is a track I'd LOVE to hear in the club.
i don't know why some of you choose to entertain these fucks who criticize every new song that comes out and compare them to the past music. just enjoy it, and don't waste energy.
I see, I must like the song because Ye made it. if I don't enjoy this ONE song, I don't enjoy music, having fun and life in general.
its a dope track no doubt, just not worthy of an album
preach bruha. I was just happy with new Yeezy.
I agree wit OP....but i think more people are more concerned where the song will end up. If it ends up being on Khaled's album, then I dont give any fucks :slick:
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