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What is the point of a pet like a dog or a cat?

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i honestly have no idea why anyone would want one. Someone enlighten me
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pets like dogs and cats are the best companions
a pet will never lie to you
they're always there for you
say what you want about it but a pet is a man's best friend, be it a dog or a cat, whichever you like.
Il Cinefilo said:
You can't really talk to them or play with them, they're just there to show off how "badass" you are.  But they are overall pretty ugly to look at.
I never understood the mentality behind having a pet snake, lizard, frog, etc.
You can't really interact with them, they're not naturally domesticated animals in my opinion. Doesn't even show off how bad ass you are if its some ugly ass creature like a snake or lizard.
1 - 2 of 82 Posts
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