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What is it that you look forward to the most?

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Before College Dropout, before Late Registration, before Graduation, before 808s & Heartbreak, and now before My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy... what was it that you always look forward to the most?

Since I was a kid I always wanted to be a producer, so I would always buy albums based on who produced in it (Gang Starr for DJ Premier beats, Wu Tang for RZA beats, Jay-Z for Kanye and Just Blaze beats, and dare I say, Diplomats/Cam'ron for Heatmakerz beats)...

... I always enjoyed great lyricism, album artwork, overall musical production, but what I looked forward to the most out of all the albums that I have has always been based on who produced in it... and with Kanye, it's a win-win, since he produces all his stuff and he is a great lyricist, plus he's always been very artistic and revolutionary with his album artwork...

... I genuinely can't wait to hear every single song on this album, musically, I feel it will be better than his previous albums because of the overall production on it.

I'm sure "Power" will have so many more elements to it. Hopefully we get to hear those violins and strings that we heard in the film.

Unlike most, I actually love "Runaway", the Pete Rock/Backyard Heavies drum break along with the Piano and Synth Bass, for some reason it reminds me of Daft Punk and I can see if fit nicely in the Tron Legacy film score...

... Obviously we haven't really heard the final versions of everything else but so far I love the production on it...

... I can see why people who heard the album months ago say that it brings it back to that good ol' boom bap with hard beats (drums) e.g. Power, Runaway, Dark Fantasy, Monster, So Appalled, Hell Of A Life... along with all those little vocal samples/chops he uses in most songs e.g. Hell Of A Life, All Of The Lights, Lost In The World, Monster, Runaway...

... to me, it all sounds like hard beats and rhymes along with old hip hop elements with the vocal samples...
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idk what this thread is talkin bout but I can't wait for Lost In The World


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