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In the short video below, David explains that it can be tricky to discuss budget when it comes to engagement rings since every customer’s needs are different. Generally speaking, he says that Skyjems tends to focus on rings with price ranges starting around $2000-$2500, of course, he LOVES to make pieces in the $50,000 to $100,000 range too!

When he asks customers about their budget, David says that they often come back with the question, “Well, how much should I spend?”

His answer is, “It should be enough money that you’re feeling it, though the idea of three months’ salary can be a little excessive. Realistically, probably at least about three weeks’ to a month’s salary is what you’re going to want to be looking at.”

“On the top end,” he continues, “we can top out at whatever you want to spend.”
Beautiful Gemstone Engagement Rings from Skyjems.ca:

David reminds the viewer that while an engagement ring is an important purchase, and is a piece of jewellery that is worn every day, it will certainly not be the last piece you buy. It can be helpful to keep this in mind when choosing the perfect ring to symbolize you and your partner starting your lives together.

When shopping for an engagement ring, it can also be helpful to keep an open mind on budget.

“Sometimes people come in and they don’t ask for the best,('finest' quality gem or jewellery)” David says, “but that’s what they want.”

By this he means that they’re not coming to him saying that they want to spend all the money in the world, but once they start looking at gems and getting a feel for what they like, many people find that they “have expensive taste like I do,” David laughs.

Speaking to those making the purchase he says “It might hurt a little bit,” he adds, “but it shouldn’t hurt too too much, and you are going to get to enjoy it across the dinner table for the rest of your life, so you at least get to enjoy it as well.”

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Must check out our video related to the topic :
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