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So I take the bus to school, and so the bus driver plays the radio during the drive. Anyways, it was like a celebrity update segment and they were talking about how Kanye was on Ellen. Well the woman talking said "Kanye was on Ellen yesterday... and he revealed his new teeth....UMM yea... he replaced his bottom front teeth with diamonds... " And then goes on to say how he is a poser in the rap game, and how his album's gonna be wack. And she called him the biggest "A-Hole". I just thought that was offensive as a 'Ye fan.

Why are people still talking about him and Taylor Swift? He didn't kill her family, he didn't rape her, but the media portrays that situation as if he did.

:kanyeshrug: Idk just what's on my mind.

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I know what you mean, they portray him as some sort of terrible monster or something.

On my local news station they were talking about Kanye's GOOD Friday. The girl was like "You're favourite jerk Kanye West is releasing a song every Friday until Christmas." and the man was like, "or until he makes a good song..." then they laughed. I was like wtf, you at least have had to heard stronger, gtfo.
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