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What does "best basketball player ever" mean

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Is it in a team setting or measured on an individual basis?

I say the right way to define it is in a team setting because basketball is a team sport 99% of the time unless its 1 v 1.

going by that, Lebron James is the best basketball player in nba history.These finals has solidified my point because no matter his inefficiency he has one tool that still makes him the best player on the floor, his playmking abilities.He can not only score with the best of them, he can PASS with the best of them too.He is the greatest scorer and passer combo player  in nba history.The only man that can consistently drop 35 while elevating the play of the other 4 starters on his team.That is a talent that separates him from the others on a 5 v 5 setting.

He is pushing a 67 win team to at least 6 games in an nba final with a lineup consisting of himself,shumpert,deledova,thompson, and mozgov.

all names that will never be remembered.
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Cyhi said:
put jordan on this cavs team and they would get swept
Put Jordan on that heat team with wade/bosh and they win 4 straight. See how easy it is to make assumptions.
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