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What do Atheists think of Buddhism?

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Just the religion as a whole. Positive for the world, or negative. Pour your thoughts out :work:
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Buddhisms cool...they're philosophy is on point, but just like with every other religion, I don't fuck with ceremony and rituals...even like meditation, I see the appeal, I just don't personally fuck with it

Blippy said:
Do you feel as if it's a positive thing for humanity? A religion we can live with? IMO the world would be better without most religions, but this one coincides with science & can develop alongside modern discoveries.
Sure it CAN be positive for humanity and we could live with it, but do we need to? I see the value of religion and religious doctrine to go as far as pretty much any other piece of literature. Its great to learn from it and apply things to your life that you see as valuable or positive, but I don't think theres a one size fits all religion thats great for everyone...nor could there be
Drakeisgarb said:
but I know something about you
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