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What are you guys trying to get out of music? Entertainment? Emotion? Advice? Perspective? Inspiration? Just getting wowed/amazed? To relate? Witnessing innovation? Listening to something that will exist far longer than any single human's life?

I listen to be impressed.  I want to hear people do things that I can't do. I want to stans in awe of excellence.  The best music to me is profound music that stands the test of time. Stuff that anyone from any age can appreciate. Music like that is, to me, three hardest music to create, and therefore the most impressive.

I also enjoy some music just for the vibe, which for me is basically a combination of the artist's personality and the music itself. Guys like Schoolboy Q, ASAP, Danny Brown, Action Bronson etc. That's my vibe music.  My favorite vibe music it's Clipse. They are the ultimate. Overflowing swag, gawd level beats, even good technical ability. The only thing they lack is the profound quality I touched on earlier. Malice actually is profound sometimes but for egger most part they just bring that ignance. And you're not shit without a little ignance in your life.

Anyways what do you guys try to get out of music.

and yeah i guess i'm just tryna get my mind blown

i also like music with a little bit of depth, hence why ASAP Rocky isn't my favorite
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