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WDYWT - 3rdCoast with the GOAT way to post a fit (1908)

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The stitching around the waist ruins it
thatsthatjb said:
illest said:
this is dope, fotd. what kind of flannel is that ?
ou lala :D
BelsWorldx3 said:

you guys dress toooo great. can't compete :cryfam:

good job to Kirby. FOTD.
ya it ruins it
thatsthatjb said:
Idk what stitching you're talking about...? That's part of the sweater.
hes got stacks on his arms tho
Justin Credible. said:

And ****** said 511's were wack...lulz
ohh tru forgot he was young

Edit: I don't look at age when im on here
Justin Credible. said:
U sound jealous yo, get that hate out ur blood and step ur game up before my son Kirby take ur spot as best dressed under 18  :work:
New gen started early on 2013.
A little bit after this thread :hah:
thatsthatjb said:
Age? or how long you've been apart of KTT/(whatever was before KTT)?
Yea well that's just it.These people (rocky theo kanye) don't change their styles for jokes, like they're not  pranksters lol trying to see how many people they can get to follow them. So when Kanye brings a new style to certain people you have to assume that he full heartily fucks with the way he looks. And than you have to use your judgement and see if you do to. I think these dudes all have good eyes style tbh, so I'll always atleast hear em out on risky fashion choices, personally.
Cabinet Inspector said:
If that were to happen. People would say, "I hate that new look on Yeezy". Then they would progressively like it. I remember looking at the old celebrity style thread and the Pictures of kanye west thread in the early days and saw how people expressed their disapproval for his style (waxed denim, wide neck shirt with blazer etc...) and now look at the current style.
That on top of Kirby dresses the way JC thinks a "grown man" should.
So it'd be like a bunch of 20's year old ringing the doorbell and the one 14 yr old in the group saying
Yo this shit is lame.
You'll thank me in 40 years when you realized I helped pioneer the new age of fashion while you just stood there in a denim vest. Reel niga wsup
Justin Credible. said:
Nah a grown man should dress like maybe Geo or someone like that...but Kirby dresses older than a lot of u ******...if anything he should be dressed in pajamas like a ninja but that isnt the case lol...its u 21 year olds...sad.
Its not fair that u take all the good labels "Simplicity" "Clean" "Classic"  You can't just call dibs on that shit lol.
And you're kinda outdated NOW soo.. 2018 i pray for u
Justin Credible. said:
No, whatever I wear now I can wear in 2018, when 2018 comes you'll be ashamed of what u are wearing currently lol...fact.

Simplicity is classic and cant be played out, ur trendy ninja BS is done by years end....and then like a chameleon u gonna slither ur way into the next trendy get up like a soulless clown....pathetic.
STAHP ***** you dress like Busta Rhymes  Sit the fuck down!
Justin Credible. said:
Im a post a fit tomm, and what im wearing in the pic will be clean now, and will be clean 5 years from now :datass:...never outdated.

Now the next fit that u post, u wont be able to say the same  :(

But i'll digress....u still my ***** tho, a corny *****, but still my ***** nonetheless.
Best move is for him to come correct tmr.
Then I'll stop picking on him
Camaro Stan said:
Oh god! Waiting on another 10 page rant from jc in the next 30 min
Naw the funny thing is how you managed to convince everybody you aint in ZARA every  Goddamn weekend trying to fit yo aszz into waxed denim.. :hah: I seee you
Justin Credible. said:
Nah, he's too baggy for my liking...no swag.

Funny thing is if I took ur last fit pic, and posted it in L&A, and u took my last pic and posted it there, u would be roasted into oblivion and ****** wouldnt even crack jokes on me....and thats a fact  :work:

I posted Mega's pic in the OTF thread and it was all lol's and he was frowned upon lol...u'd be no diff....sad.

Justin Credible. said:
I never been in Zara in my life, that store doesnt exist to me real talk...and if I wore waxed denim it would be Nudie or NF or sumn for $200, not Zara :smug:

I own one H&M shirt and I was bored as fuck and decided to go in there, prolly my 4th time my whole life goin in there tbh.

But good to see u deflect cuz U know if I post ur pic in L&A, or any msgboard (the coli, AHH), ur a laughing stock, and a 10 page roast fest would be sure to ensue...sad.
Ur daddys blessed lol
DarkTwistedReality said:
damn clint eastwood looks soooo much like my dad i thought that was him like 10 years ago lol
Don't be safe now
Justin Credible. said:
No prob, nuffn special tho, just ur typical $500 fit, clean as fuck, u could prolly smell my cologne thru ur cpu screen and shit...oh and hetero, we cant forget hetero lol...and yeah, ya know, just that NYC real ***** shit...word.
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