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WDYWT - 3rdCoast with the GOAT way to post a fit (1908)

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• Give constructive criticism
• Do not post fits if you cannot take the criticism

Include what items you are wearing

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Out of all of them I like Matt's the most.

The one with the MMM for HM is basically a copy of my older fit :work:
straight from the horses mouth :he:

just playing
illPIFFany said:
I guess im a clone of HDZ...
Is the Asian guy next to you a celebrity?
Bullitts Fired said:
when I was in london :lol:
Nice to see you have a good sense of humor :yay:
Bullitts Fired said:
DYING OVER HERE :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Went out for like 5 minutes
Out of spite, I just might flood these streets
dacota said:
Shits gonna be similar, its spring. Shirt/short/shoes and maybe a hat. That's why I only post 1-2 times a week. Give the thread some fits but don't flood it. Ya feel me
SBL said:
HBA for 5 minutes.. ALL MY ****** LOOK RICH AF
wtf is that in the background?
Rogue said:
Its sad bc thats my parents room

It's what you wore today not what you wore this past week

+Megamorter said:

It looks like we have the FOTDs for the next week covered.
bang bang
dmbp said:
It's also not "what should I wear today," "recycled picture of the day," "dressing room fittings of the day," and lets not forget "does this look good on me today of the day"

Like it, I'd personally change the shoes to a midtop.
Dior and Jordans

I do it
You've seen the up close picture of the red ones?
Fire Red said:
when will u all stop giving a fuck about yeezys
Please show me where the toebox is fucked up
lilpop1002 said:
Are those Feezy's? Not calling you out or anything, because frankly I don't give a shit :)kanyeshrug:), but
the toebox looks a bit fucked up on the side
. Scales are perfect though so it could just be me.
I've never seen a bad rocket fit :golfclap:
TheRocket64 said:
Does brobama even have the track?
I'm not releasing it
YungPurrp said:
if it aint that serious why cant they just dropped it? Dont want travis to be angry?
1 - 20 of 259 Posts
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