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WDYWT - 3rdCoast with the GOAT way to post a fit (1908)

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• No trolling
• Mods please remove trolls.
• Give constructive criticism
• Do not post fits if you cannot take the criticism

Include what items you are wearing

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just copy/pasted. editing it now
Mamba said:
the link to "old thread" is wrong
:hug: sorry shawts was supposed to stay op

maybe on the next one ;)
King Macklemore said:
new thread. please re-post your fits here

MattM. said:
geo said:
Arrow said:
I needa wipe down this mirror but

noname27 said:
DarkTwistedReality said:

need a hur cut
SBL said:
Look book fresh :datass:

PimpNameKirby said:
illPIFFany said:
mannyt666 said:

Second time posting a fit. Critiques welcome
CuddersGood said:
Jal said:

Wings + Horns
Ihatejacob said:
Weather is weird

Fishy details and icecream

KingYeezy said:
Tangoo said:
repost it in here so people can quote it. the other thread is locked
so you see this new thread but not the other one :cryfam:
Grad Bear said:
Hello new thread
first person I've seen make Roshes really work and not look bulky. nice
criminals said:
wasn't sure to go for an all black fit or not

need to taper the bottom half of your pants bro. Same thing with the white pair u had a little while back
PimpNameKirby said:
I was waiting for you to quote me trying to defend your pathetic choice in jeans

just don't ever quote me again. I understand you don't respect my opinion about tapers. Let me just tell you now that I don't care for your opinion about pant alterations nor do I want to hear it

Justin Credible. said:
Nah, never even heard of it...but i'll check it out sometime or another.

Serious question, who made u Karl Lagerfeld? What do u mean he "needs" too, who's to say that a taper would look better than how it already is...fashion is subjective, what looks good to u might not look good to someone else, not everyone likes a 6' inch opening on their jeans/pants...thats ur thing, stop trying to force ur style on others....word.
like this :D
Grad Bear said:
Had a family picture thing tonight, wore this:
Justin Credible. said:
Exactly, u realized how stupid u sound when u try to tell other ppl what they "need" to do when not everyone has the same choice in fashion as u do, and to u an 8 inch open might be scust, but to someone else a 4 inch opening might be gay/femme...to each his own, u clueless dolt.

And ur fashion idols would froon down at the gargage brands u wear u bum.
it's alright man :D

I was just joking around before :slick: you're welcome whenever
Grad Bear said:
:h5: thanks fam.

please don't hate me for missing the DIY reboot lmao I swear I wasn't on KTT for a few days when you dropped it
in the new one or the old one?

edit: Yeah I saw it :slick:
Grad Bear said:
haha I know man, just messing too. Did you see that ombre to denim jacket I posted in there though?
because he has a cargo that is tapered around his thighs and wide around his calfs. it just doesn't make sense

also, he's tucked it behind the tongue of running shoes that have a relatively small opening for the leg

we taper because people wear fitted and slim pants which need tapering to fit the leg well. otherwise you're just picking a jean off the rack with no regard to how it actually fits. taper doesn't always mean skin tight. tapering that pant 1-2 inches will be enough and you can still give your leg room to breathe
Music4Life said:
why taper cargo's tho. y'all love to taper everything on ktt

criminals said:
Chill fit, having a few drinks with the homies tonight.

Black hoodie
Black tee
Factorie sweats
Roshe runs
PimpNameKirby said:
BelsWorldx3 said:

you guys dress toooo great. can't compete :cryfam:

good job to Kirby. FOTD.
MattM. said:
chill fit, day off
Ihatejacob said:
First time in years wearing clothes like this(graphic T and pants that aren't jeans).
So feedback is very welcome


MaladeeN said:
been wayyy to busy and m.i.a recently between finals, graduation and moving into my first place, these are all different fits from the last few days...

JoeFez said:

Ralph Lauren bubble coat
Gold Line
Adidas Ransom
New fits everyday! Wear something once then never again!

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