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JAY-Z and Kanye West confirm the most anticipated album of the year, WATCH THE THRONE. HEAR THE ALBUM FIRST LIVE IN NYC!

ENTER TO WIN A TRIP for 2 TO NEW YORK FOR AN EXCLUSIVE ALBUM PLAYBACK WITH JAY-Z AND KANYE WEST. Event is August 1st and hosted by Jay-Z and Kanye West. This will be an INTIMATE event at a SECRET LOCATION in NYC.

Everytime you hear OTIS by Kanye and Jay-Z text HAM to 23088 to qualify!


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JAM'N 94.5 in boston is givin away tickets too!!!

When you hear Ramiro & Pebbles play the Jay-Z/Kanye "Double Play" (2 songs, by either artist, back-to-back) caller number #94 to 617-931-1945 will get the spot on the list!
Courtesy of Island/Def Jam!

Read more: http://www.jamn945.com/pages/jaykanyeNYC.html?#ixzz1SqpMxBLF


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B said:
Yeah this worries me too. Why would they have a listening party on the day it's supposed to come out (digitally). Generally they wouldn't do this.

Maybe the digital album isn't out on the 1st....
digital drop hasn't been confirmed though has it? so this could be further proof it's been pushed back slightly :/
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