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Was Hell of a Life in the film?

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^ ?
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yes but only the intro..no verse..no hook

that was maybe 20 sec..in the background crying womand / phoenix :D
belive me 1 guys..

the album is one week in your hands..

70 % will say..


save that.!
MONSTER?? there was no monster..i saw it @ kanyewest.com..

no monster..i dont know why everybody is speaking about that shit...

Thornhill said:
I don't know if Hell of a Life is going to be best song, "Blame Game" beat was fucking astonishing. I'm really looking forward to that track.
yhea waiting for the cdq..but atm hell of a life > everything

blame game..i dont know..the beat its..to still...quit..

but lets wait  :dno:
MrXToThaZ said:
monster was in it!
lol wich second / minute?? say it

BestOfTheWorst said:
Monster was on the UK premier... but not the US
link pls
BestOfTheWorst said:
when the Turkey is brought out and the girl starts screaming

this is hell of a life

are you guys kidding???

BestOfTheWorst said:
seriously lol... it was Monster in the UK, i watched the US one first i was soo confused when i heard Monster
so..some guys didnt never heared hell of a life??

that song with the guitar at the beginning...and epic beat..lol
drop.out said:
who was that sorta singing at the beginning of hell of a life. well whatever, the track sounds EPIC
hm..the end of the singing sounds like kanye..and then comes kanye..its hard :D
do you guys now what i think???????

there are some "douchebags"..they didnt  hear monster..it was  hell of a life..but thougt that was monster..if its true..

1 - 8 of 34 Posts
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