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Want a song with a wack verse taken out?

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I can do some splicing work for you :work:

I do multitrack editing and match the song to a metronome so I get as close to perfect as possible


I'm not going by order or anything I'll just do whatever I feel needs cutting the most

Finished (PM for links):
Mr. Nice Watch (No Cole Verses)
Carter 4 Outro (No Shyne Verse)
I Do (Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Drake) (No Jeezy Verse)
Just Begun (Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek ft. Jay Electronica & Mos Def) (No Cole Verse)

Strings said:
I highly recommend the no Cole verses version of Mr. Nice Watch
Working on:
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YallWelcome said:
theraflu without the annoying ass dude at the end
ASB said:
This please. DJ Khaled ruins it for me.
i already did if you want the link. download link in the info.

tanv91 said:
I couldn't understand what he was saying with that voice please remove it :cryfam:
pretty easy to understand.
tanv91 said:
his voice fries my brains, its annoying having to skip that part everytime it plays on my ipod
****** makes some money fore you make a comment. :fly:
tanv91 said:
dude looks poor as fuck living of 50's scraps
dude got dropped from his label, came back with a killer single independently that EVERY rapper freestyled over, his label tried to re-sign him and he told them to fuck off. gotta give him props.
tanv91 said:
Doesn't change the fact that he sucks and is one of the most unlistenable rappers of all time
Dinosaur said:
along with Jeezy, his voice is unlistenable
i fucks with jeezy
Dinosaur said:
his voice sounds like someone screeching their nails on a chalkboard though
i feel the same about tony yayo. O_O
tomboii said:
Christian dior denim flow. First 2 verses+last verse&guitar outro please.
song is perfect :fly:
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