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Want a song with a wack verse taken out?

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I can do some splicing work for you :work:

I do multitrack editing and match the song to a metronome so I get as close to perfect as possible


I'm not going by order or anything I'll just do whatever I feel needs cutting the most

Finished (PM for links):
Mr. Nice Watch (No Cole Verses)
Carter 4 Outro (No Shyne Verse)
I Do (Young Jeezy ft. Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Drake) (No Jeezy Verse)
Just Begun (Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek ft. Jay Electronica & Mos Def) (No Cole Verse)

Strings said:
I highly recommend the no Cole verses version of Mr. Nice Watch
Working on:
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I Do (remix) ft drake, andre 3000 and jay z - can you remove jeezy's verse?

Christian dior denim flow - cut lloyd banks

Lord lord lord - cut swizz beatz

Paramedics (game) - cut jeezy's verse please
Strings said:
Banks killed that shit are you crazy
I couldn't understand what he was saying with that voice please remove it :cryfam:
Strings said:
I could do this
but I don't have the song
HiiiPoWeR XO said:
pretty easy to understand.
his voice fries my brains, its annoying having to skip that part everytime it plays on my ipod
HiiiPoWeR XO said:
****** makes some money fore you make a comment. :fly:
dude looks poor as fuck living of 50's scraps
HiiiPoWeR XO said:
dude got dropped from his label, came back with a killer single independently that EVERY rapper freestyled over, his label tried to re-sign him and he told them to fuck off. gotta give him props.
Doesn't change the fact that he sucks and is one of the most unlistenable rappers of all time
Strings said:
This is done
that Iil Wayne song with robin thicke of C3, please remove Wayne from that
Lloyd banks whole last album without banks
Someone needs to make an extended outro version of Lift Off
Need that Christian Dior Denom flow with no Banks
Also Remeber The Titans with no Banks
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