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I'm not sure what is allowed in this section since a bunch of you guys were saying how we had to make this section better than the last fashion section. I also didn't want to post this in the where to find this section since it is not a specific thing.

Anyways, to the point.  I need a wallet for my girl, and since some of you guys have girlfriends, I was wondering if you guys knew where to buy some good quality leather wallets? I don't mind if you give me the company, or a site.  Thanks
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NiceLikeChrist said:
I like the SLP and Goyard best, Lanvin is nice too. I've been wanting the SLP for a while but I can't get down with almost $400 for a wallet that plain, even though it does look super clean.
Diggin this one, 100% genuine python

i like this one

clean and simple
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