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I'm not sure what is allowed in this section since a bunch of you guys were saying how we had to make this section better than the last fashion section. I also didn't want to post this in the where to find this section since it is not a specific thing.

Anyways, to the point.  I need a wallet for my girl, and since some of you guys have girlfriends, I was wondering if you guys knew where to buy some good quality leather wallets? I don't mind if you give me the company, or a site.  Thanks
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CRACK said:
don't get her Coach unless she's in 8th grade.
the only people that get Coach are midlife crisis 50 year old women and broke ass "thinkin their cool cuz some guy sold them a coach bag for 25.97 in Guadalajara"
yea i'd go balenciaga.
or chase caswell :problem?:
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