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I mean seriously next up, I don't usually gas like this but this kid is on a whole nother level compared to anyone coming up or that's out right now yo.

A mad deep, dark and bassy voice, paired with the fact he raps on gloomy beats, on top of having a progressive and versatile sense for delivery n flow and then sprinkled with nothing but pure authenticity in it equals somebody with dangerous skill and talent y'all, believe me on this one

He's 21 years old and from Hammond by Gary, Indiana but bounced around a bit between Chicago and Atlanta as a youngn.
Just the way he bends his voice sometimes is reminiscent of Pac but no funny shit, his music feels so much more raw. Other comparisons I seen are G Herbo but he jumps out of any sort of box you could try to throw him in.

He just dropped a 8 track album, "Do or Die", and the whole project hits like a prime Mike Tyson jab, hard as a motherfucker.
The Outkast sample on that soulful ish man, come on... (cant even find no youtube link to the shit or nothin smh but peep it)

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This some shit from when he was 16!!

ON that boom bap shit too if you want it, come on man

Nahhhhh g, I posted a video from 4 years ago, kids been at it for a minute
pussyhadmedead said:
plant season
Come on man dont play w me
lmao this shit mid as hell these type of threads always try to make shit seem so grand
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