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July 26, 2014


August 4th, 2014


September 3rd, 2014

"He's extremely talented, man," the singer, who is getting ready to head out on his UR Experience tour, told Sway. "He's nice. Money really knows what he's doing. He really understands how to analyze a beat and then recognize a cadence. Because hip-hop is that way; it's not just words and rhythm. You gotta understand the cadence of what the song is saying, so that when you're on it, you know how to get it."


September 6th, 2014

The collaboration came about after Drake crashed the shoot for "She Came To Give It To You," Usher's new Nicki Minaj-featured single. Ursh took the 27-year-old rapper to his car and played some of his new, unreleased material. Drizzy immediately gravitated to one record.

"He was in love with the record the first time he heard it," Usher told VIBE of Drake's initial reaction to their eagerly anticipated song. "He said, 'I really feel like I could do this record a service and just take it up another notch. It's great, and I'd love to be a part of this one."

While Usher isn't quite ready to reveal the song's subject matter, he insists that Drake opens up in his lyrics.

"He touched on some pretty personal stuff in it, man," says Usher. "It's definitely one of those really cool, vibey records."


September 10th, 2014

Q. And Drake will be on one of those records. How did you guys connect?
A. I've been around him a few times. He came to Atlanta, that was the first time we were around each other. We talked about working together. Later on, I saw him in passing and I told him, "If I ever feel like I have something, I'm going to reach out to you." I happened to be on the set of "She Came To Give It To You" and he was there. I had him listen to some of the songs that I thought were definite. I let him listen to three songs and he identified-well, actually he asked me to send him all the records. I said, "Which one do you love?" and I sent him this record called "Slow Motion." What he's touching on in the song is kind of personal. It's always great for an artist to use where they are at the time as inspiration. That song is a relationship song. That all I'm gonna give you.

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