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isnt my mommy just so dang cute :3

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ayyyy so she went into the office to get some tests done for her brain cancer that she is now fighting.. test results came back

they said everything is good :he:

with out detail since they want to fax over the results to her actual docter so the docter can give his own diagnoses but honestly from the sounds of it its either getting smaller and we dont have to mess with it anymore just get her checked up every once in a while. or just go in with a laser and cut/burn some of the cancer off of her brain!

but............. what i dont get is... ever since these test results came back.. my dads seriously been pushing the whole... "i wanna break my retirement and move back to turkey and buy a house" and all of my moms friends have been joking with me saying that i need to get a girl prego since my mother and her friends dont have much "time on the clock"...... and my mother tells me she loves me.. all the time now... awkwardly...

so idk ktt fam.. im updateing this since you mofos blew my fucking mind with all the love you gave to my situation and myself and i could honestly feel that you guys cared about me, my mother, and our situation. so you guys deserve this update

thank you all for everything, the love, the prayers, and most of all the strength even my mom wishes you all the best in life and has you all in her prayers!

so damn ktt fam :hug: thanks for not trolling and taking everything seriously my tattoo is almost done getting drawn up im going to have a pink ribbion wrapping around my left bicep (exactly like cloud strife from final fantasy advent childeren my mother is just like aries to me she is my life stream and final fantasy and music have been the only things helping through this ordeal) and the lines from lying to yourself by example on my ribs on my left side saying
"untill you stop lying to yourself ill never stop lieing to you
and untill i stop crying to myself ill never cry infront of you
WE'LL fight the tallest giants and break the rules of science
but ill never stop lying to you and ive never said a word so true"

yes i decided to get the whole part tatted on me since i personally feel it would loose the integrity of what it means and what ive been through if i chopped it up butttt if i do ill only get the 3 line tated on my ribs

so once again thanks everything if anything at all changes once again i will let you guys know asap.

btw moms wanted me to post a picture of her haircut since i gave her a yela before she lost all her hair to radio  so ima do that for her and also give you guys another one of my dad who honestly is the realist mother fucker ever for sticking by my mothers side all these years THROUGH SICKNESS AND IN FUCKING HEALTH we dont need 4million likes on fb to know we are a real ass family just the love from the family on ktt and the family we have here id like to give a shout out to my bestfriend who showed me ktt and has always been here for my mother and myself derrick i know your ass is going to be looking at this so i just wanna say that you really are my fucking brother dont give a fuck how dark the shade of your dark ass skin is... your 100% Turkish in my eyes


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I must have missed the first thread, but good luck to your whole family. My mom had skin cancer, and my aunt had breast cancer, so I can only guess how happy you are that her brain cancer is getting better.
Stay strong fam <3 I'll have you in my prayers.
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