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You stood by me from when I was young
Together speaking a language similar to my tongue
Appearing when in times of desperation
You came along to cure my depression
Though, others may have been oblivious
To your existence, you remained to me marvelous
Am blessed to know through dark days I am not alone
moments of nostalgia were because of us, now that am grown
My words are limitless to what was once a friendship
Encouraging me when others stand tall, times of hardship
And regardless of the outcome you'd provide reassurance
When I was to be irrational you showed great patience
To end my own misery you able to be my resistance
Speaking to me a voice so familiar and of guidance
Feeling as if the world has discarded me
You provided me with what I could be
Reaching inside and bring fourth my greatness
Saying, "You show signs of compassion, love and determination
Believing in others but not yourself? Signs of wanting revaluation
For humanity, provoking a revolution for those are stripped of freedom
Your eyes are blind to everyone, for society to you is equal
Great strength lies within, God has purpose with you"
Never could I have gotten through without being together
Your life I do respect to the highest honor forever
Still around you are, when ever I need to restore
Just like me maybe a little more mature
But to forget I wont, you remaining non-existent.

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