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Understanding the concept of WTT?

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I think many people went into this thinking it was going to be filled with songs like 'The Joy' (lyrically) and filled with lyrical stories and wordplay. I myself am guilty. I admit it took me a 2nd or 3rd listen straight through to understand the feel of the album.. and in the end it is exactly what 'Watch The Throne' means. 'Stuntin' about where they are in the game, where they came from, and how overpowering they are.' Beats are mean.. and even though there are lots of short bars back and forth, they still give you the emotional deep lyrics like in WILY, MTE, ND, NCITW, MIA..
Maybe it's not what people wanted to hear, but to live up to the title of the album.. I think the job was done well.

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