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Long Rant Time: Questo’s Official Unofficial Review of Everyone Else’s #WTT Reviews -or- Just a 40-Year Old Vergin’ Washin The Throne
by questlove on August 8, 2011

Let you in on a secret. I use Sushi spots as litmus tests for people.
That’s right: a 90 min dinner can tell me a person’s entire life
experience w/o them saying a thing. Jump in full throttle with BBQ
Eel? (They been places/seen thangs) Never tried chopsticks but willing
to learn? what’s “shellacked” mean? (Open mind means educated mind and
there are no dumb questions in Comsushing Sushi…sounds so solefull
don’t you agree?) “California Roll, that’s all” (plays it safe,
conservative, and/or too proud to say new experiences scare em, so
stick to what they know, no room for growth) & 2 types of “nah I’m
good” (those who tried Sushi & objectively concluded they don’t like
it, and those that already judge/jury’d it before they attempted it.)

Of course there are some laws I’ve applied to my life in this lane
I’ve decided to travel. 1st and foremost is the only mofos in my circle
are people that I CAN LEARN FROM.

i believe THAT is the first and foremost rule to a successful life.
you are going to be as educated and successful as the 10 most
frequented people you call/text on your phone. seriously. does the
truth hurt? is there an oz. of truth to it?

i keep my studio room at 30 Rock in pop culture hoarder mode cause i
notice that people that visit (mostly artists that sit in with us)
take time out to analyze what im about based on their glance in the
room. im a shy non people person in front of cats i idolize so this
room serves as a small talk substitute that lets me not have to talk
all that much.

they glance: “is that obama?…..a bowling trophy? what’s your
score?….how did you break that grammy?…..wait…BOTH of your
parents came from the same tribe in sierra leone?….prince gave you
that money? why’s it hanging suspended in air like that?….so you
keep Soul Train on repeat 24/7 in here?….what kind of NIKES are

it goes on.

25 years ago this is what hip hop was all about. being on 3 way high
school style playing Rakim or De La or even Hammer over the phone just
talking about it. (he’ll kill me but Tariq was a MASSIVE Hammer
supporter during the Let’s Get It Started phase—–well he did use
the Apache break and back then your choice of breakbeat was a crucial
olive branch for non cats from your side of the world to get accepted)

as i stated in the Tribe doc the first time i had that 3 way summit
meeting with hip hop was Licensed To Ill (back then it was convincing
my cousin that Ad Rock was NOT puerto rican) in 86. and the last time
i had that moment was the tuesday i signed my record deal: Nov 9th
1993. the day Enter The 36 and Midnight Marauders came out. sure other
classics came out. but once you jump in the lake with sharks you no
longer listen from the perspective of a fan….you now listen to it as
a journalist (illmatic) with arms folded (the chronic) jaws dropped
willing to do whatever it takes to use your influence to help
(fantastic vol 1)…and yeah…a lil jealous (aquemini)

so of course not wanting to let a moment go by. im all about being
that 16 year older that is imagining Rakim’s painting of a Word filled
nile in 2011.

wait….did he just…

lol…. of course i dunno what the future is gonna hold for #WTT. but
i am keen enough to see all the signs of history repeating itself:

-the FIRST CAT: “i was there 1st!!!!!!!” people all on it 1st. i heard
it before you did! (i was tempted to write a review on itunes cause
noone wrote one as of 12:05am….but of course having not heard the
actual record i erased all 5 paragraphs lol)
-the FOH cat: there is a cut on The Roots 2nd album called “Swept
Away” my favorite quote: “i’m insane and go against the grain like
Fric (friction), never on no ni**a d**k cause im “just too hip”. cats
who are contrary against popular opinion because THAT is what defines
-the foh to the FOH CATS cat: will embrace anything new/edgy because
that will reflect them.
-the actual objective no attachment cats: note….this doesn’t exist
people. for if you love hip hop then we ALL got stakes in one of the 3

im getting a rush/kick outta everyone in the twittersphere weighing in
on #WTT its like watching drought fiends spotting that last crack rock
behind the couch on the floor praying to god to get a jones.

the “who won?!” lyrical war.
the “wtf he say?!?!?!” rewind moment
the “hmmm…. rza, tip, & pete don’t sound like rza, tip, & pete”
which alone is an interesting convo on its own thread. which im hoping
leads to “who is rza, tip, & pete, and how can i learn more about
them?” investigation
the “brag brag brag brag” grumps
the “well half these songs are dark fantasy throwaways so does it
count?” blogosphere cats

im not gonna yell @@@@@ classic just yet (never did yell that too
much, for a near classic @@@@1/2 reads more impressive than a a first
day out @@@@@ imo) but all the signs are there.

you comparing it your coming of age soundtrack? (chris rock said you
cherish the music for the first 5 years of you gettin some….that
becomes the music of “your time”)
this causing more arguments and debates with your crew?
you starting to feel old like *shrug*….i guess life is gonna pass me
by then….”–
you living in the moment and just loving it?

all these things make the C word.

and its some scary unfair ish.

i mean who wants to watch Kobe surpass Jordan in his ring acquisition?
to love hip hop is to love the underdog and hate the establishment.
so what does it mean when you watch the establishment go all dog on you?

conflicted feelings right?

jay and ye damn near wrote the book on “winner take all”. and all we
could do is vicariously live in it. and most times we have trouble
doing just that (im a dj, so the same cats arguing with me about
liking or not liking this project will be the same “LOOKAHEA! whatchu
need!!?!? what what chu need I GOT!!!!!!?!?!!?” quoting cats after
their 2nd glass of jack and coke when i spin it)

psssh this album is full of all the signs:

bass that killed my system.
hypocrisy (autotune, hov actually indeed having regrets)
great humor (ye—along with Phonte— is my favorite INTENTIONALLY
FUNNY person in black music since morris day. punch lines with
straight face and no shame of “will this make me look…..” if you
don’t laugh at that Adam/Rib line….you have 0 sense of humor. even
Ye has to pat his backpatter on the back for a job well done on
hmmm moments: i get the feeling “illest mofo alive” had a different
beat to it cause hov’s verse sounds like an acapella blend slightly
off on a Ron G mixtape. but that Peeing line flushes it all out. cause
that’s an ill visual. (not me but Jay)
beat switches for that ass: pt 2 of excellence
shock moments: swizz’s patches and presentation shocked me in a GREAT way.
that martin scorsese visual: hov’s foolin nobody but himself on “made
in america” that grandma/arm & hammer story is classic just like
martin’s mom cameo in goodfellas cooking the crew breakfast while a
body lies in the trunk.

ehh lemme stop.

even writing this review of a non review will be news.

im just saying.

live in the moment.

all this praise and controversy and conflict and argument and debates
and “WTF!?!!?!?!?” and nonsensical questulance is the true meaning of
hip hop.

so just so that yall straight next time yall see me whining about hip
hop….its not about hip hop more than its about the feeling hip hop
once gave.

the kind of feeling that now has me 2 hours late for my day job.

“the dog ate my score to the new sketch jimmy my bad….gimme 4 mins
to try something new”

—no seriously i got 5 “the hell are you coming in?!?!?!?!” text right now.

just wanted to weigh in my 2 cents and let these mofos know who i am.

love. this. dude.!

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