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on Nightmare.

[Interlude: Dr. TC]
Tyler, here's some water man
You seem a little tense... how's Thebe?

[Verse 3]
All because a ***** just don't give a fuck
Parents wanna blame me all because their kid is fucking up
But fuck that, you're a shitty parent, face it, suck it up

meaning 1- Earl's mom blames Tyler for Earl being bad, but its really cuz Earl doesn't give a fuck and its really his Mom's fault (what tyler says)

meaning 2- same meaning Also refers to all other kids and parents, where parents blame the artist for the way their kids act.


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"thats what u shoulda did before that 'n-word' bust" is the next line and makes "suck it up" a double entendre because she shouldnt have let the man bust, making the child that the parent is a shitty parent of.... and she should "suck it up" in the figure of speech sense of the words for getting over it....


DR TC said dat he has some water and tyler was like suck it up in the last line so he be suckin up dat water ohemgee.
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