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tryna gain around 20 lbs in a month [UPDATE: 3 LBS GAINED]

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what yall think is the best way to accomplish this? :kermit2:

kinda more difficult for me because I have a pretty fast metabolism
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find out how many calories your body burns a day and make sure you eat a calorie surplus.
your not gonna gain 20lbs in a month tho unless youre hitting the gym hard as well
next non skinny person that says how easy it is to gain weight for us is getting smacked in the face
swank. said:
used to be skinny as shit

Still skinny

it is easy, just fucking eat and stop complaining
something doesnt add up here :khaled:
swank. said:
hahaha skinny as shit vs skinny

I used to have no muscle what I meant

really it isn't hard at all to gain ~2 pounds a week, and it's fun
i agree its fun
im not sitting on my ass complaining either
ive been working out for a couple months and eating as much as i can
i just cant seem to gain weight and i know im just not eating enough but its not always convenient to eat 5 meals a day as a i have a pretty busy lifestyle
1 - 4 of 117 Posts
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