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tryna gain around 20 lbs in a month [UPDATE: 3 LBS GAINED]

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what yall think is the best way to accomplish this? :kermit2:

kinda more difficult for me because I have a pretty fast metabolism
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whitegrapewhiteowl said:
what yall think is the best way to accomplish this? :kermit2:

kinda more difficult for me because I have a pretty fast metabolism
there is no point in doing this

you'll get like 2-5 pounds of muscle tops and the rest fat
whitegrapewhiteowl said:
***** I literally take a shit right after I eat. I'm a damn pothead bruh I eat a lot
lol @ thinking your body digests food like that
whitegrapewhiteowl said:
seems like it :kanyeshrug:
well it doesn't

Go into BB thread for advice

and do not gain 20 pounds in a month that's absurd
whitegrapewhiteowl said:
tryna get to 15 at least
No don't do that either.

Ideally you'd gain a pound or two a week (well optimally is like .5 a week but obviously lesser increments are harder to track and your diet would have to be immaculate. I'd aim for 5-6 pounds a month realistically.
You gain 20 pounds in a month you're going to gain at least 15 pounds of fat.
whitegrapewhiteowl said:
fuck it I'll still be 175 :kanyeshrug:
then I'll bulk
Ok man gain that much fat

And then bulk lmao...

Have fun being a fatass and being too stubborn to listen to sound advice.
GhostFacePurrp said:
next non skinny person that says how easy it is to gain weight for us is getting smacked in the face
used to be skinny as shit

Still skinny

it is easy, just fucking eat and stop complaining
GhostFacePurrp said:
something doesnt add up here :khaled:
hahaha skinny as shit vs skinny

I used to have no muscle what I meant

really it isn't hard at all to gain ~2 pounds a week, and it's fun
GhostFacePurrp said:
i agree its fun
im not sitting on my ass complaining either
ive been working out for a couple months and eating as much as i can
i just cant seem to gain weight and i know im just not eating enough but its not always convenient to eat 5 meals a day as a i have a pretty busy lifestyle
nah I feel that.

Honestly you just gotta make a schedule (I have a 9-5 like job so it's much easier for me) and stick with it. I also supplement with a mass gainer, so realistically I didn't change my eating habits at all aside from adding in the shake throughout the day which adds 700 calories and 50 g protein (plus whey shakes). Been working well.
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