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aamy said:
not a guy but I have trust issues. after being cheated on in both of my previous relationships, I suppose that is to be expected.

trust is so important though. you need it to maintain stability.
sorryy i didnt mean you guys as in men only! haha

anyway i just broke up with my girlfriend. i never really trusted her.. there were a lot of issues with her ex. she made him seem like a psycho, but i think there were a lot of things she lied to me about.

anyway, i told her she can call me when she gets her life figured out.

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I AM T-PAIN said:
I can't trust anybody that claim to have the final track list

But honestly i have trust issues too wit my girl.

I dont bring it up much but on the inside i wish (besides my friends that i can trust and that are in relationships) she never talked to anyguy but me :dno: I know thats impossible and selfish but i'm sure many others get the same feelin

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Me as well... If I get along really well with the person, and the more I have in common with them, The more I can talk about.  If I care about them and vice versa, trust will grow. Just takes time and a good relationship.
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