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Beyond repeatedly communicating with West on Twitter this week, Trump has asked associates and aides if he should invite the rapper over to the White House for an Oval Office photo-op or for dinner, according to two sources close to the president. One of those sources noted they couldn't tell if Trump was "kidding" or not, and also recalled that Trump reiterated how much he enjoys that West has "always said wonderful" things about Trump.


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wizdom28 said:
He gon turn heel on Trump at the dinner
lol that would be some real serial killer type shit. idk if he's capable of pulling that off but it would be wild if he did it and would really be the only way this could be a full troll and not come off and cheesy and looking for attention because it actually served a purpose

Kanye definitely planned on this

Get on donald's good side, get invited to the white house, network with politicians, become more powerful and part of the political conversation, and then eventually announce his candidacy.
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